No Posts til…. Austin!

In Bicycle Business on September 4, 2009 at 8:23 pm

Not much blogging lately and even less cycling. I’ve been in New England the last week with much on my mind other than cycling.

I did come across Pedal People, a bicycle based business in Northampton, Massachusetts that I thought was cool.

From their FAQ’s

Pedal People Cooperative Inc. is a human-powered delivery and hauling service for items under 300 pounds in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. It was started in December 2002 by Ruthy Woodring and Alex Jarrett. We are now an incorporated cooperative business with twelve active workers as of December 2008.

Besides recycling & trash and groceries, we’ve hauled bicycles, couches, washers/dryers, futons, tables, computers, cats, friends, laundry, a king-size bed, lumber, windows, memorial stones, refrigerators, solar panels, a 100 square foot greenhouse, trees stumps and trunks, sand, leaves, and compost.

I saw these cats several times slowly pulling their loads around town. Nice weather this time of the year but I can’t imaging pulling those loads in the Massachusetts’s winter. Brrrr!

Along with recycling and trash hauling, Pedal People also perform composting, grocery delivery and yard care services; teach bicycle safety, repair and maintenance classes and operate a food collective.

Check out their website.

  1. I was in Austin for business this week. I rode around downtown and on the Shoal Creek Greenbelt looking for that giant Quickbeam of yours. Wrong week, I guess.

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