Tales of the Tag a Long

In Mixed Terrain, Musings, Single Speed on November 30, 2009 at 11:03 am

My number one cycling partner, Henry, and I have been rocking the tag a long bike as of late. Now that’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. We spun it around Austin for the first time a few weeks back and the quote of the day was, “Dad, how come everybody’s smiling at us?” Nice.

Alison dolled us up for the Hyde Park Fire Station’s Halloween Parade and Festival and Henry took home first prize in the Best Wheels category. Sweet.

Last week we were up in the Texas Cross Timbers and hit the Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway for a sixteen mile day of mellow crushed gravel. We sighted a number of deer and a flock of turkeys along the way and Henry had his first bout of saddle soreness. Just a tinge but it made his father smile just the same. Get used to it boy. Arriving back at the ranch we spotted a bald eagle sitting in the top of an old cottonwood tree above the lower lake. A first for us in this area. Yes.


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